How to Get Free Instagram Followers(No Survey or Verification)

You may feel dreaded when you look at a 0 shown in your profile, but getting free Instagram followers is easier than you thought. Lots of apps and websites are dedicated to helping you increase Instagram followers, no survey or verification is needed. You can buy Instagram followers from them, which is the fastest way. If you have a tight budget to get started, you can still get 25 to 200 real active Instagram followers online with some free service providers.

While spending money clears up hassle, making use of the right free tools is the cost-effective solution for new users. In this article, we will cover both ways to get Instagram followers.


Reasons to increase Instagram followers

Fame and money are two main aspects to explain why people are so keen on the growth of free Instagram followers. As a social network with billions of users, influence, and diffusion power, Instagram is a shortcut for people or businesses who want to gain popularity.

free instagram followers

1. Get more engagement and build a connection

Your Instagram account can help you build a small community for businesses and build intimacy with your customers. For example, if you have a lot of followers who always like and comment on your posts, it can let your Instagram account stay active. Potentially, various brands may reach out in an attempt to connect with you for different promotions as well.

2. Boost sales and revenue

A friendly note: before making money on Instagram, you have to switch your account to Instagram Creators or Business.

Just think about when you publish a post on Instagram, how many followers/leads will see, take actions and share. For sure, the more the better. Compared to businesses that have a few followers on Instagram, the more loyal and active followers will definitely bring a higher possibility of boosting sales and revenue.

Besides, influencers make big money on Instagram by a large scale of followers and views. According to Hopper HQ, superstars in the world, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson, and Ariana Grande, who each have over 200 million followers on Instagram can pull in more than $1 million per post.

The number of 200 million followers is incredible, but we can start from small. The fact is, you only need a minimum of 5,000 Instagram followers and 308 posts a year to generate $100K.

Best apps and websites for free Instagram followers

1. GetInsita

GetInsita provides both free and paid plans to help accounts get followers. By signing up and providing your Instagram name, you can get 50 free Instagram followers or likes instantly.
They have flexible paid plans from $0.69 to $59.99, letting businesses get Instagram followers right away or grow daily.

2. Instafollowers

Instafollowers is a popular tool. Unlike GetInsita, you are only allowed to order the first 20 Instagram followers for free. However, you don’t need to sign up and can be followed by 20 real users in just a minute.
For the paid plans, they classified followers to high-quality and premium. From 10 to 250k, you can get a quote of up to $2,180.

3. Turbo Followers

Free to use on iPhone and Android, Turbo Followers guarantees that users can get real followers rather than bots. Taking advantage of their community, which has millions of users as they claimed, you can easily sign up to earn coins and spend them on getting followers for your account.

4. Social Follow

As featured on Entrepreneur, Wired and other well-known publishers, Social Follow is an ideal service provider for you to get free Instagram followers. You have to sign up to be verified as a real user. Then, come back every 24 hours to get your followers without paying a penny.

If you have a generous budget, we’d suggest you buy Instagram followers to grow, which can dramatically save your time. So you can focus on your content and products to create greater profit.

Other effective ways to get free Instagram followers

1. Research your niche

Doing some research for your niche is critical before you get started on Instagram. Ask questions to yourself like, what is your main field and direction of the business, how’s the competition on Instagram, who are your main targeted audiences, etc. With a clear direction and thorough research, you will find ways to make your account and content stand out on Instagram.

2. Share engage content and stay active

Every post matters: good content brings value for the long term. You may need to spend time on creating a unique content strategy and providing engaging posts for your audiences.

Choose the best time to post: aside from publishing a post regularly and actively, you’d better get some insights into the best time to post for your account. This strategy will help you get more visibility and reach a wide range of audiences.

Interactive with your followers: it’s good to show your care and interest with your followers by replying to comments and DMs, following back, or sharing useful information. With interaction, you can build trust and increase stickiness between you and your followers.

DM your competitors’ followers: if you’ve been through step 1 I mentioned above, you may have a list of your competitors. Reach out to their followers friendly via DM, as they are your leads too!

3. Craft a great bio and post with keywords

Another way to increase Instagram followers for free is to keep polishing your bio and profile.
Instagram bio is the most direct way to let audiences know you. So, optimize your avatar with a high-resolution image that can represent you or your brand’s characteristics; update a link of your brand’s web page or product if you have one. Now is the time to create an eye-catching profile with IGjoys free Instagram font changer!
Besides, don’t forget to insert specific keywords in your post. Based on Instagram’s algorithm, when your post contains specific keywords, your posts will more likely be recommended and displayed to audiences who are more relevant. Moreover, they may interact and follow you on Instagram.

4. Take advantage of “tag”

Instagram nametag: your Instagram nametag is a scan-able code that lets users follow you right away. You can also use the nametag effectively to promote your account on offline materials, such as packing slips and product packing.

Instagram hashtags: using relevant hashtags actually make your posts and Instagram Sortries more discoverable. Find popular hashtags or create your own works well, but keep it simple, too many hashtags will be distracting.

Tag a location: if your business has a physical address, you should add your location in your post and Instagram Stories. Also, invite your customers to tag your location too! It’s easier to help people find you and beneficial for localization marketing, welcoming more followers in your area.

5. Offer more than the rest

Grow your Instagram account or spread its influence by connecting to other social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. All these channels can introduce different followers to your Instagram account.

Final Thoughts

Gaining followers on Instagram constantly may be difficult, but in the beginning, you can start with free resources to get Instagram followers. Followed by your marketing strategy, creating high-quality content to increase retention and engagement in your Instagram account. You’re on your way to success!

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