When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram for Business in 2022

Knowing the best time to post on Instagram for business is critical to developing a successful Instagram posting strategy. Yet, Instagram algorithms change continuously. It makes business difficult to post Instagram Story and posts with enhanced visibility. 

If you want to boost your engagement on Instagram, determining the most active time along with creating the relevant content are the keys. We will guide you through the Instagram best time to post here, helping you to reach more audiences. Ultimately, gain more exposure for your business and increase the revenue.


Key considerations to find out the best time to post on Instagram

Each Instagram account is unique, which makes the best posting time so different without exception. Therefore, whenever it comes to defining Instagram best time to post, you must understand the most important considerations to consider in this regard. So, let’s have a look at these key aspects below to create a more engaging and visible Instagram posting strategy in the best possible way. So, here we go:

instagram best time to post

Day of the week or specific time of the day

On different days of the week, you can experience variation in Instagram engagement. You might be surprised by the fact that on some days, 5 to 6 am is also the Instagram best time to post according to Later’s Analysis. The reason behind this is that a majority of people prefer to check their phone for messages or any updates just after waking up in the morning, especially during working days.

Similarly, you might experience a lower engagement rate on Monday because people rush that day to get their working week started. So, it is always better to consider the specific time of the day whenever it’s about to find the best time to post on Instagram.

Target audiences

Another important factor to consider to find the Instagram best time to post is your potential audience. Knowing when the majority of your audience is online can also let you determine the most active time on Instagram. Then you can plan to post your content accordingly.


With the audience from multiple geographic locations on Instagram can make it less critical for you to set your Instagram content posting time. However, if your audience is from a specific location only, then you must consider their time zone and location to determine the best time to post on Instagram.


Well, general data of Instagram’s best time to post can be a great option to get started with your Instagram posting strategy. However, if you want to be more granular, then you must understand the industry of your business as well. It is mainly because the best time to post on Instagram also varies from industry to industry.


It is important to experiment with different content types to ensure a better engagement rate and learn which type of content performs better for you. However, different types of content on Instagram perform better at different times. That’s the reason why content is also important to consider for finding out the right time to post on Instagram.

When is the best time to post on Instagram

Here are the best times to post on Instagram throughout the week that you must know.

  1. Prefer posting Instagram content between 11 AM – 12 PM CDT on Monday, Wednesday, as well as Friday. It is because most of the Instagram users are on a lunch break during this period. And a majority of them prefer to scroll their Instagram feed to catch up with the latest posts.
  2. For the shorter breaks on Thursday, you should prefer posting content on Instagram at 11 AM CDT. This will let you experience more consistent engagement with ease.
  3. Defined by industry , if you are in a tech company, you’d better post between 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM CDT during workdays. This is the most consistent engagement period according to HubSpot’s analysis.
    Surprisingly, Monday is a lucky posting day for restaurants, especially from 9 AM to 1 PM.
    For health care companies, the best posting time should be 8 AM to 12 AM, and 5 PM to 8PM CDT on Tuesday.

How to find out your audiences' most active time on Instagram

Here are some effective ways to find out the most active time on Instagram of your audience:

Instagram built-in analytics

Instagram offers a built-in analytics tool called Instagram Insight for an Instagram Business Account or Creator Account. Access and learn about your followers, such as their gender and locations, to determine the most active time and the preference of content.

Use third-party tools

Just like Instagram’s built-in analytics, various third-party tools are also available out there. The most popular ones include Hootsuite, Iconosuqare, Keyhole, etc.
You can use these tools to determine your audience’s most active time and more on Instagram. These tools usually offer you advanced tracking features to facilitate their users better in this regard.

Track your best time manually

If you don’t mind spending time on numbers by yourself, you can create a spreadsheet and track data manually. Make sure to write the accurate posting time and try to post Instagram content on different periods. After collecting the data from Instagram, such as likes and replies, then consider which period is getting most of the engagement.
It might take a few weeks to find out the answer, but you will definitely build an intimate relationship with your audiences in this cost-effective way.

More tips for engaging your audiences on Instagram

Create compelling content to boost engagement

Creating compelling content is also essential to build a sizable Instagram audience and boost engagement. Therefore, it is always important to create high-quality, informative, and interesting content to post on your Instagram account.

Another key suggestion here is to experiment with different types of content, for example, stories, videos, photos, live, etc. Always put your audiences in the first place while creating your Instagram content.

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Different Instagram studies have predicted different best time to post Instagram story. However, the most popular of these include:

  • 9 am-11 am EST, according to Later
  • Between 2 pm and 3 pm as per HubSpot
  • Friday at 10–11 am, and Wednesday at 11 am, as per Sprout Social.

As per 35M global Instagram posts, 8 pm is not a good time to post on Instagram. You will be surprised to know that the best time to post on Instagram is early morning.

It is always important to post regularly on Instagram. However, to avoid overdoing this, you can avoid posting every day on Instagram. Instead, stick to your content calendar to keep things properly scheduled.