How Can Your Instagram Account Be Monetized in 2022

Seriously, can you make money on Instagram? YES! Helping creators make money with Instagram has become the top goal for the company. With a shift from sponsored content to audience monetization on Instagram, the platform’s diversified approach may just make sense—both dollars and cents.

If you wonder how your Instagram account can be monetized in 2022, we’ll give you the answer here. Generally, there are five primary ways to monetize on Instagram. Before diving into these proven ways, let’s get some intensives.


How much do influencers make on Instagram

Instagram influencers can earn from a few dollars to a million dollars per post. The average is $10 per 1,000 followers but can be higher or lower depending on your contract and sponsors.

can instagram be monetized

According to the research from Shopify, there are five tiers of Influencers broken down by the number of Instagram followers.


Instagram Followers

US Dollar Per Post







Mid-tier influencer




500,000–1 million



more than 1 million

$10,000–$1 million+

In conclusion, the formula is as easy as: more revenue = more followers + more posts. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a lot of followers by far. Keep delivering quality content and building trust with your audiences will help you grow.

The proven ways to make money with Instagram

1. Get sponsored

You may hear about the term “Influencers”, who have effectively taken over Instagram in the world nowadays. Companies are willing to partner with influencers on sponsored content, like posts and reels. Because they can potentially change thousands of mindsets within seconds.

instagram sponsor
  • Where to get sponsored on Instagram
    You may be contacted by brands if you have a large number of Instagram followers. But it’s also possible to look for brands that fit your profile well so that your audiences won’t get the feeling of you’re “selling out.”
    To increase your chances of being discovered, you can also list yourself on Influence marketplaces, such as Crowdtap and Fohr.
    Besides, eligible influencers can use monetization tools in Brand Collabs Manager and find relevant brands to work with.
  • Tips
    As an influencer, sometimes it’s not easy to balance your revenue and integrity. Yet, you have to maintain a good reputation for substantial growth. Hence, being selective about the brands and being honest to your audience is critical when it comes to collaboration.

2. Become an affiliate marketer

Instagram is an ideal platform for affiliate marketing. So, influencers can join the affiliate networks to earn a 10-20% commission depending on the payoff model.
Simply share the traceable links and promo codes in the Instagram posts, Stories, or Instagram bio, and let the brand track the sales you trigger.

  • What affiliate networks can you join
    Amazon Influencer: The program is for content creators who provide recommendations to inspire their audience on Instagram. Amazon provides a range of commissions for different categories. Don’t forget to check it out before implementing the links.
    CJ Affiliate: The worldwide largest and most established affiliate network. It has more than 4000 elite global brands that ensure you have more opportunities for Instagram monetization.
  • Tips
    We encourage you to join multiple affiliate programs to earn from more sources. In addition, Lengthy links can be annoying. You should shorten it with Bitly or Short URL to make it neat.
instagram affiliate

3. Monetize your videos with ads

Creators on Instagram have lots of content for monetization. For example, they can gate content, sell subscriptions, and even list NFTs in an open marketplace.
The following are two primary methods to help you monetize your videos on Instagram.

  • IGTV Video Ads: The number of video views in the feed determines your earnings. And, you’ll receive 55% of the revenue generated per view, according to Instagram Business. This could be a notable income stream for creators that publish long-form video content. Let’s say, 2 to 4 minutes in length is recommended by Instagram. You can get paid monthly.
    To set it up, go to Account Settings, tap Creator, and enable In-Stream Video Ads.
  • Live Video Badges: Creators who stream live videos on Instagram can earn “tips” from audiences. Views can buy $0.99 or $4.99 badges that show in the live chat to express their gratitude. But, every viewer is limited to giving away $250 per session.
    Asides from it, Instagram will reward creators if they hit specific Instagram Live milestones.
  • Tips
    To generate revenue with your videos, you should meet all requirements on Instagram, like length and policies. You can take advantage of forecasting your Live video sessions through posts, Stories on Instagram, and other channels.
instagram live video

4. Promote your business

You can always sell your own products and services on Instagram through Instagram Shop or other third-party websites, like Etsy shop, Shopify and so on. Attach the links in your bio and posts to make your products easy to find.

  • Tips
    We suggest you create your own hashtag and try to use the popular ones that your competitors make. Also, encourage your customers to post pictures with your products and tag you. To make your business more accessible, you can add a button that links to your email or phone number in your profile.
instagram business

5. Sell second-hand stuff

If you want to make money on Instagram in an easy way, you should get started selling your old clothes and accessories. You may already have an account on Poshmark or other seller profiles. Then, share the items you’re selling on Instagram and link to your seller profiles on other platforms. One more thing is that you can add the top hashtag #shopmycloset to get more exposure!

instagram monetization

Final thoughts about how to get monetized on Instagram

There are numerous possibilities to make money online. All you need to do is open up more revenue streams, and get as many followers as you can to have your voice on Instagram.
Last but not the least, check out our blog to find out the best time to post on Instagram. So, you can interact with your target users and get more followers!

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Apparently, the more you have, the better. Rates are also calculated by engagement, your niche, quality of content, audience demographic, revenue channel, and reputation.

Starting with an Instagram creator account or business account will be much better. You can leverage the official analytics tool to get insights into your content performance and audiences.
Check out here to learn about the different types of Instagram accounts.

Telling from many people’s experiences, it may be struggling at the beginning. But, things will get much better as you put in the effort and get more Instagram followers. Try to monetize on Instagram with the ways we mentioned above, we believe you can achieve financial freedom in the late future!