How to Create High-Quality Graphics for Instagram Posts

People often underestimate the power of social media graphics. A well-designed graphic can help capture attention and convey a message more effectively than text alone. In this post, we’ll introduce some free apps and resources to help with your business or personal account.


Why should you use graphics for Instagram posts?

Graphics for Instagram posts can be a great way to make your profile stand out from the competition and make it more engaging for your audience. Here are some of the reasons why you should create graphics for Instagram posts:

how to create graphics for instagram posts

1. Increase attention and engagement

Visuals are known to increase user engagement and draw attention to your posts, making your content stands out among competitors. When users scroll through their feeds, an eye-catching graphic is much more likely to stop them in their tracks than plain text.

2. Demonstrate professionalism and brand identity

Well-designed graphics demonstrate that you’re serious about promoting your brand and taking it to the next level professionally. They also show potential customers that you have a clear understanding of how to effectively communicate messages through visuals, which builds trust in your brand’s legitimacy.

3. Make content easier to digest & share

Graphics can help simplify complex topics and make them easier for readers to understand at a glance. They also encourage people to share your content with friends and family, which helps spread awareness about your brand organically.

How to create graphics for Instagram posts?

You can use a variety of tools and resources to create professional-looking graphics, including free apps and websites. But, if you’re looking for more specialized or customized designs, you may want to consider hiring a professional designer to help you out.

social media graphics free

Best practices to create graphics for Instagram

When creating graphics for Instagram, there are a few key tips to keep in mind.

1. Utilize eye-catching colors

When it comes to social media, colors play an important role in how engaging your content is. Bright, vibrant colors draw the eye and can help make your post stand out from the competition. However, colors can also affect how people perceive your message, as different colors evoke different emotions.

2. Use visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is how we organize design elements according to their importance. This creates an impactful arrangement of elements that guides viewers’ attention from one element to the next. For example, if you have a headline or title, make sure it stands out by using a larger font size than the body text or use a contrasting color to make it pop out more.

3. Select appropriate typography

Selecting the right typeface and playing with font size is essential when designing graphics for social media posts. Because it contributes significantly to how legible and visually appealing they are. You should experiment with various font combinations and pair them with appropriate images to ensure their styles and colors don’t clash.

social media graphics free

4. Balance text & images

It’s important to find a balance between text and visuals when designing graphics for Instagram posts. Too much text can become overwhelming and too many visuals can lead to distraction or confusion about what your post is about. Where possible, try breaking up large blocks of text into smaller chunks paired with relevant images. This will draw attention to the message you’re trying to communicate more effectively than words alone can do.

5. Consider aspect ratios & resizing

Different platforms have different aspect ratios, like Instagram stories and feed posts. You should be mindful of this when creating graphics that need to be displayed across multiple channels at once.

Top 3 free design apps to create social media graphics

1. Canva

Canva is a free online design and publishing platform that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to create professional-looking social media graphics.


Canva offers 8500 free design templates ranging from logos to mockups. Users can quickly create stunning visuals for their social posts without having any prior experience in design.

For those who need extra on Canva, it also provides three subscription plans. All plans give users access to additional features tailored toward different types of businesses.

  • Pro ($12.95/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise ($30/month billed annually)
  • Education (free)

Furthermore, if you’re learning how to use Canva, you’ll find plenty of online tutorials. This makes it easier than ever before for people of all skill levels to make beautiful graphics!

2. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a free app available on iOS and Android devices. Users can edit their images with Adobe Express by cropping, rating, and adding text and elements. Moreover, professional designers have created thousands of templates for users to choose from.

adobe express

To make it more accessible, the app provides users with how-to guides to explain how to use various features and how to adjust settings.

Adobe Express also offers subscription plans for those who need more advanced features. For example, access to premium content from the Adobe Creative Cloud library and unlimited downloads of stock images. These annual subscriptions range from $9.99/month for individuals and up to $39.99/month for businesses.

3. Desygner

Like Canva and Adobe Express, Desygner is another easy-to-use tool for free online. Simply drag-and-drop design elements, users can quickly customize their graphics in minutes.


Desygner offers a variety of features to make creating beautiful graphics easier than ever before. Users can choose from a large selection of pre-made templates or start from scratch to create something totally unique. Then, you can add photos, shapes, text, illustrations, and more with a few simple clicks. Plus, there are hundreds of free fonts and icons available to personalize the look of your graphics even more.

With Desygner’s advanced editing tools, users can collaborate with team members in real-time and provide feedback. Besides, users have access to analytics reports to see how their content is performing on social media, like Instagram.

Nowadays, social media is one of the most important tools at your disposal for promoting your business. And while words are powerful, visuals are even more so. That’s why it’s essential to create high-quality graphics for your Instagram posts that help you stand out from the crowd. So what are you waiting for? Start creating stunning social media graphics today using one (or all!) of the tips and tools in this article!

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