How to View Public Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram Story is a great way to share an experience in your life and keep up with others. While you might enjoy being able to see who watches your stories, you’ve likely wondered how to watch other people’s Instagram Stories without them knowing. Here is a complete guide to help you view public Instagram Stories anonymously at no cost.


Why do people hesitate to watch others’ Instagram Stories

People might be hesitant to view others’ stories for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons are feeling bad or guilty afterwards, feeling like the other person will know they looked at their stories, or distrusting the other person because they don’t want them knowing that they’ve been looking at their life.

Also, some people think that it looks unfriendly if they don’t react to others’ Instagram Stories after viewing. These pressures push them to find a private way to view public Instagram Stories.

instagram stories anonymously

Benefits of viewing Instagram Stories anonymously

There are many benefits of anonymously viewing other people’s Instagram Stories.

1. View an Instagram in private

When you watch someone else’ story, you can view it without the risk of them knowing who is watching. This allows for more natural and flexible interactions – like if your friend has a picture of their kid and you happen to be at a kid’s birthday party, you won’t have to worry about them asking why you were watching their story.

2. Stay peace in mind

Viewing Instagram Stories anonymously makes it easier to view people’s stories without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

If someone sees your username on their story, (let’s say you want to check your ex’s updates), they might feel like you’re looking at all of their posts – even if that isn’t the case! This could lead to an uncomfortable situation, but by anonymously viewing others’ stories, there will be less likelihood of this happening.

3. Protect your personal Instagram data

Last but not the least, anonymous viewing helps maintain privacy while still being able to see other people’s content. Privacy is a hot topic in today’s world and many companies are taking steps towards making digital privacy a priority. It only makes sense that we should too!

Ways to view Instagram Stories as anonymous

1. Use a third-party website or app

This should be the easiest way you can come up with. There are various Instagram story viewer websites that allow you to do this, for example, IGjoys, AlnstaStories, Stories IG, Dumpor, etc. Without downloading or Instagram account needed, you can enter the Instagram user name and simply click the ‘search’ button to watch the Instagram Stories. If an App is preferred, you should try out Blindstory, which is available for iOS and Android users.

Just keep in mind, you should never use one that encourages you to enter your Instagram username and password. These are not safe methods to view Instagram Stories.

2. Create a Secondary Instagram account

It’s not as simple as just changing your Instagram name, but it’s also not impossible. For example, if you want to watch your friend’s Instagram Stories, you can create a new Instagram account and follow your friend. That way, you’re not following them on your main account, and you can watch their story without them knowing you’re doing so.

3. Turn on airplane mode

Instagram preloads a handful of stories so that you can view them even if you have no service. If you land on someone’s profile and turn on airplane mode, turn off your cellular signal and then go back to their page to view a story it will load, rather than the user having to see you in their viewer log. Also note that if the story is particularly long or has many slides they may not all preload, so there’s a chance they will only get to see a snippet of what you had to show them.

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