5 Free Online Rewording Tool for Sentences, Paragraphs & Essays

Using a smart rewording tool is not a secret among newbie bloggers, SEO experts, or even professional writers. Usually, writers and marketers are forced to work with limits in writing. For example, the character limit for social shares and word count restrictions for your posts (like Twitter). Or perhaps you want a guaranteed level of readability for your audience.

Regardless of why you need to rephrase things, the rewording tool can bring you new ideas as well as improve your writing efficiently. In this article, we will highlight five free rewording paragraphs tools to help you choose the best service.


What is a rewording tool

A rewording tool is also called a rewriter tool, paraphrasing tool, word changer, and reword generator.

Back in the old-time, paraphrases were done by editors or writers. They created a high-quality document with precise information and prepared sentence construction. Nowadays, With artificial intelligence (AI) and contextual synonyms, it’s able to generate new variations of content in different tones, shorter wording, or another level of readability without changing the meaning of the original writing.

rewriter tool

How do a rewording tool improve your writing

1. Reword to avoid plagiarism

No matter what kinds of content you’re writing for, essays or blogs, plagiarism is harmful and spells disaster for your efforts. For example, duplicate content on a website will lead it to the bottom of search engine result pages. This is the situation that makes rewording tools bring value. It will reword your sentences and create custom-written content in no time.

rewriter tool

2. Word choices matters

Have you ever struggled to find a proper word while writing? Even for a native speaker, a wise word choice is not an easy task. But, the rewriter tool has hand-picked synonyms in the database. This can give you suggestions and help you achieve better meanings.

3. Simplify your sentences

People have to process tons of information each day. In the fast-paced world, they like to skim instead of reading word by word. To make your content easy to digest, you should simplify the sentences with rewriter tools but still retain the original meanings. Besides, shortening your content can also keep your word counts aligned with requirements on social media platforms, like Twitter.

When to use a rewording tool

1. Writing for social media content

If you’re a social media manager, you may have to create content for multiple social accounts every day. Moreover, to target audiences in different channels, you have to tweak your tone to fit in. For instance, the posts you write for Instagram shouldn’t be the same as on Twitter. Rewording can be time-consuming and requires a good command of a specific language. In this case, the AI paraphrasing rewording tool can help you out with less effort.

rewriter tool instagram

2. Sales copy for Website

Many writers tend to remix references and examples rather than create website content from scratch. The rewriter tool is great for writers who have done the research but struggle to rewrite the content they want. It can paraphrase websites and remain SEO-friendly, which is beneficial to your website ranking.

3. Academic essays

No matter if you’re a student or professor, you should have a rewriter to get you covered. Using the rewording paragraphs tool to avoid plagiarism is essential when you quote others’ content in your essay. It can also work as an article spinner to help you create a long-form article and make it unique.

4. Emails or messages for formal occasions

As we get used to casual conversation in social media, we may use improper words or expressions in business. To polish our emails and messages and make them look more professional, the rewrite can provide better ideas by changing words to other synonyms.

The best free rewording tools in 2022

So, which are the popular rewording paragraphs tool for free to use in 2022? Here we’ve selected five popular reword generators online to help you out.

Our AI paraphrasing tool stands out because of its user-friendly interface and simple rephrase process. You don’t need to decide which levels you want the tool to reach before rewording. Our rewriter strives to keep delivering the best result at no cost. Also, we don’t set the limit for you to use the rewording tool. It’s the most reliable writer you can find online.

igjoys paraphrasing tool

Pricing: Free to use online

  • User-friendly interface
  • Simplified rephrase process but deliver a better result
  • Free to use without limits for daily usage


  • Cannot use it as an article spinner to create long-form article
  • Cannot provide various rephrasing results at once

QuillBot is a state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool that delivers fast results. It is accurate enough to help millions of people on a daily basis. Also, it uses an advanced natural language understanding system to rewrite your content.


Pricing: Free plan; Premium plan costs $19.95 USD a month

  • Allow you to upload a document
  • Chrome, Docs, Word extensions provide flexibility
  • Customize synonyms levels to enhance your writing


  • Both free and paid plans have a character limit
  • Features in free plan are pretty basic

Peppertype uses artificial intelligence to provide you with various ideas for creating compelling copy and other marketing content types. With Peppertype you can choose from over 35 different content types that include ad copy, social media captions, blog outlines, and website copy.


Pricing: Free plan with 10,000 words limit; Starter Plan, $35 USD a month; Growth Plan, $199 USD a month; Custom Enterprise Plan.

  • Specify different use cases
  • Can generate serval outputs at once for comparison
  • Clean dashboard to manage and view the analytics of the team


  • Sometimes have typos, grammar errors, and even the false information
  • The content suggestions may have a bit hit and miss

Spinbot’s content spinning tool is powered by Spinbot’s rewording API. The algorithm helps you create better quality content in less time.


Pricing: Free plan; Membership costs $10 USD a month.

  • Provide API access
  • Good for general use


  • The rephrased content may have a poor readability
  • No analytics feature

Grammarly is a powerful tool to monitor and track word choices, reduce wordy phrases and clarify sentence structure to give your writing a professional polish. It creates good syntactic rhythm with detailed suggestions using language processing immune to plagiarism and makes writing more engaging.


Pricing: Free plan; Premium and Business plans start at $12 USD a month.

  • Many features like grammar check and punctuation check rather than paraphrasing 
  • Automatically correct misspellings
  • The extension is available for browsers and the tool has a desktop version


  • The price can be expensive for an individual
  • Have to proofread to avoid the tool gets it wrong 

Final thoughts

You should take advantage of the rewording tools to write efficiently and wisely. Though, we would strongly suggest you use combination tools to enhance the quality of your writing. For example, grammar checkers and plagiarism checkers. Also, don’t forget to learn from it while writing. You can always work better 🙂

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