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Instagram Brand Color Palette

PANTONE: PMS 1365 C (Nearest Match)
RGB: 252,175,69
CMYK: 0,36,83,0
HSL: 35, 97%, 63%

PANTONE: PMS 2005 C (Nearest Match)
RGB: 255,220,128
CMYK: 1,12,60,0
HSL: 43, 100%, 75%

RGB: 255, 255, 255
HSL: 0, 0%, 100%

PANTONE: PMS 2726 C (Nearest Match)
RGB: 64,93,230
CMYK: 78,67,0,0
HSL: 230, 77%, 58%

PANTONE: PMS 2125 C (Nearest Match)
Hex: #5851D8
RGB: 88, 81, 216
CMYK: 75,72,0,0
HSL: 243, 63%, 58%

PANTONE: PMS 2084 C (Nearest Match)
Hex: #833AB4
RGB: 131, 58, 180
CMYK: 61,85,0,0
HSL: 276, 51%, 47%

PANTONE: PMS P 80-7 C (Nearest Match)
Hex: #C13584
RGB: 193, 53, 132
CMYK: 24,93,14,0
HSL: 326, 57%, 48%

PANTONE: PMS P 68-8 C (Nearest Match)
Hex: #E1306C
RGB: 225, 48, 108
CMYK: 6,95,36,0
HSL: 340, 75%, 54%

RGB: 253,29,29
CMYK: 0,97,96,0
HSL: 0, 98%, 55%

PANTONE: PMS 2026 C (Nearest Match)
HEX COLOR: #F56040
RGB: 245,96,64
CMYK: 0,78,79,0
HSL: 11, 90%, 61%

PANTONE: PMS 16-1359 TCX (Nearest Match)
HEX COLOR: #F77737
RGB: 247,119,55
CMYK: 0,67,86,0
HSL: 20, 92%, 59%

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The history of Instagram

instagram logo free download

Instagram was officially launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom, a Stanford University graduate. Initially, it was created in 2009 and named Burbn, which was inspired by whiskeys and bourbons. Check in, post plans, and share photos were key features of Burbn. After Systrom got his seed funding as support, he built his team and invited Mike Krieger to join.
Systrom and Krieger reassessed Burbn and decided to put photographs taken on mobile devices as the primary feature for the App. But, how could it be like a social media platform like Facebook? They took a step back, adding comment and like functions to Burbn. Later, combining the words “instant” and “telegram”, they renamed Burbn to “Instagram”, which is the name we’re all familiar with for years.
With eight weeks of fine-tuning, the team finally brought Instagram to launch.

The evolution of Instagram logo

The Instagram logo has been changed several times since the company was founded in 2010.

The first logo didn’t look too different from the Facebook logo. The design seemed a little bit skewed, but nothing to write home about. Even the colors were the same. The only difference was that the “Facebook Blue” was replaced with a lighter shade of blue.

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 million with the plan to keep the company managed independently. During that period, the design of the Instagram logo didn’t distinguish changes. The first real change we saw was in 2014. The new logo was released and it was a little bit darker than the previous one. The shape of the camera looked chubby and cute.

In 2016, Instagram’s new logo along with a new typeface and color palette was introduced to users all around the world. It included a circular lens and a subtle gradient. It was eye-catching but still stays minimal. However, even though the latest update created a distinct identity from its parent company Facebook, the innovation of the Instagram logo was controversial. As the head of design in Instagram, Ian Spalter has shared some thoughts with audiences on a Netflix documentary named Abstract. If you’re interested in the insightful backstory, you definitely should spend 50 mins to watch it.

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