Paraphrasing Tool for Free Online

The best rewording tool to help you rewrite sentences and change words.

What is the free paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool is also called a rewording tool and sentence changer. It’s specifically designed for online marketers, bloggers, researchers, website owners, and students. You can quickly generate unique content by spinning existing content instead of ever having to write manually.

If you’re still struggling with rewording, our sentence rephraser will provide you with new, relevant, and readable content in seconds while being completely free! Try out this best paraphrasing tool to change words for essays, social media content, and messages now.

Step 1. Simply enter or paste the content into the box
Step 2. Click the “REWRITE” button
Step 3. Done! The tool will rewrite sentences in a few seconds

paraphrasing tool free online

When can you use the paraphrasing tool

Rewrite a long essay

Look for synonyms for words

Achieve better meaning

Rephrase for different social channels

Why use IGjoys paraphrasing tool

Our free rephrase tool has an advanced algorithm that automatically rewrites the sentences to make them unique and readable.

Remove duplicate content

Make your content plagiarism free in a snap. Reword your article while maintaining the original meanings!

Replace properly

Replace and change words carefully and properly, writing like a real professional writer.

SEO optimized

Safe for SEO and great for increasing keyword density. Take care of all types of content without affecting the structure.

Free to use

No need to register or spend a penny on paraphrasing. We make the tool free to use thanks to a talent named Rob O’Connor.


IGjoys free paraphrasing tool is available on browsers, Android and iPhone devices. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want around the world without delay.

No, you can use the paraphrasing tool online without registration and limitations.

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