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What is
Instagram font changer

Glad to meet you here! Our Instagram font changer, also known as a fancy text generator, is a free tool specially designed for all social animals. It generates fancy text to help modify your plain text into a chic, eye-catching, attractive, impressive and unique one. We have included different fonts and styles that are a good fit for your Instagram bio.

Btw, do you also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Tiktok, etc.? Get started to copy and paste fancy text to make your profile stand out in the social network!

How to use the
Instagram fancy text generator

If you want to change your fonts on instagram, you should ask the handy and helpful instagram font changer for help.

Simply type or paste your standard text into the text box, a list of modified fonts will appear below the box in a second.

Then, select and copy a fancy text that shows your personality, pasting it to your instagram bio.

Congrats! Your style profile is set! Let it impress your audience!

instagram font changer

More ideas about using fancy text

Our instagram font changer is a fun tool that helps turn plain text to fancy.
Stylish fonts can be used in many aspects.

Social Media

Creating eye-catching bios, posts, or comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to impress your audiences, increase your followers and replies!


Texting your friends, partners, or family in an unusual style with fancy text to bring joy.


Using a unique fancy text in cards, posters or email marketing will definitely help you stand out in the crowd!


No download and registration is needed. You’re free to use the Instagram font changer (stylish text generator) online anytime.

Stylish fonts are extremely versatile. You can use it for any social media: Instagram (which is our go-to), Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Discord, WhatsApp, Twitch, Snapchat, etc.

In most cases, your fancy text will be shown without hassle. However, if the Instagram fonts above don’t work properly, for example, they appear as boxes or squares, it’s probably because your device or browser doesn’t support the Unicode characters yet. The good news is, it keeps updating and you may be able to use them in the short future. Good luck!

When typing or pasting text into the fonts changer, the modified text should appear on the list immediately. But in some cases, the service may slow down due to the unstable connection.

No, we won’t set a limit for your creations. But, be aware that the generation process may slow down if you type or paste the bulky text.

There are numerous fonts on the list. TBH, we’ve never counted it. But we believe you can find out more than one that you like. Feel free to use them to create funny Instagram captions and bios or send messages to your loved ones.

Zero. No catch. It’s an absolutely free resource for you to try out different Instagram fonts for bio. Enjoy the fun it brings to you and we appreciate your support.

IGjoys is free and can be used by anyone. You don’t need to be a professional to make the most of the IG community — with IGjoys, you’ll be an expert in no time.

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